iDoll is a palm sized robot doll that can dance, greet, make silly jokes, and make other variety movements along to the music it plays.

iDoll started from an idea to create a device where people can enjoy “movement”, just like they enjoy music through speakers, and film through displays.

It can also take on the appearance of different characters by changing its look. The near-future entertainment is about to begin.

"i★Dolls" is a unit of idol duo,
made exclusively for iDoll.
They will show people the attractions of
iDoll through various "movements".

iDoll #001 Hikari

iDoll #002 Miki

K's Design Lab. AOI Pro ガリガリ編集部 博報堂アイ・スタジオ TNSK キャプテンミライ ANDY ななひら 桃箱
ユカイ monom

iDoll is a concept model. Please note that its designs and functions are subject to change without notice.

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